Court Rules Father CANNOT Refer To 14 Year Old Daughter as a “GIRL”: MUST Comply With TRANSITION!!!

The Canadian government has reached an all new low as a BC father referring to his daughter as a “girl” is now considered to be committing an act of violence according to the Canadian family law act! A British Columbia judge ruled a father can’t stop doctors from giving his troubled 14-year-old daughter testosterone shots against his wishes and if he tries to it will be considered an act of violence. You know we are facing serious societal issues when nature, science and biology can be twisted and altered for SJW ideologies to achieve political gain. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest case where the government is clearly breaking up the family unit by forcing a father out of the personal life of his 14 year old daughter, all in the name of LGBTQ rights that seek to allow her to “transition” into becoming a “boy” at her own will. At PFT we’ve been warning for years that this will be a slippery slope on the road to tyranny and unfortunately today the powers that ought not to be just dumped a bunch of grease right on the steepest part of our path! 


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