Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati Fights To Hold Canadian Government Accountable

Rocco Galati has been engaged in an ongoing lawsuit with the Bank of Canada for several years now. Representing the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER), Galati is fighting to re-establish interest-free federal and provincial loans to be given from the Bank of Canada for infrastructure. While his clients have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists, Galati continues to hold steady to the cause, insisting that it's in the law and he is fighting in order to hold the government accountable, because “the government simply wants to ignore the law” he says.


Rather than the Bank of Canada providing these interest-free loans, that service and responsibility has been reallocated to private banks. Canadians, including COMER, want to know why that is and they question the constitutionality of the central bank's current role. Galati launched legal action back in 2011, and has said that some of his cases have lasted more than 12 years. Thus far, Galati and COMER have been fairly successful in their initiative, back in January of this year the courts upheld the lawsuit and have allowed it to proceed.


Galati has warned that the Canadian court system and independent judiciary is “the last bastion of balancing the rights of the citizens against the rights of the government and making sure that the government doesn't turn into a dictatorship.” If you are able to “stack the court and corrupt the judiciary, well, that's it” he says. Galati has previously fought a controversial nomination by Stephen Harper, when he selected Justice Marc Nadon for a Quebec vacancy on the Supreme Court. Galati surprisingly won the case after he filed a lawsuit arguing that the nomination was illegal under the Supreme Court Act. Galati says that the move wasn't anything personal against Nadon, in fact he likes Nadon, but he insists that even “if it [had been his] father, [he still] would have brought the challenge” to court.


When he tried to claim fees for his legal costs from the government to the tune of roughly $68,000, the government only awarded him $5000. Shortly after finding out the ruling, he responded that “this judgment is just reflective of a privileged world of Versailles under Louis XIV,... it's just an affront to the rule of law.” Galati has acknowledged that continuing to take-part in these controversial suits won't win him friends anytime soon. Although, just a few weeks ago Galati was elected to the Law Society of Upper Canada, where he will essentially set policy for the regulatory body.


When it comes to the ongoing Bank of Canada lawsuit, Galati says that his hope is that “the court [will] declare that the government is bound by the legislation and cannot simply hand over that decision-making to foreign private bankers.” He continues to warn that he believes Parliament has become ineffective at checking the power of government. Courts are therefore the last remaining recourse for the people.

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