Conservatives establish a “tip-line” for snitching on offensive cultural practices

The Canadian election is only a few weeks away, and the various parties continue to desperately scramble for all of the support they can manage to wrangle from the public. The Conservatives have unsurprisingly decided to stick with the ticket of fear, and they are now proposing new plans for a “tip-line” that Canadians can call into and voice their concerns over “barbaric cultural practices” that they might witness. Their new plans come on the heels of the heated niqab debate that has been brewing in the country for some time now.


Tories announced just this week that they promise to allocate new funding in establishing an RCMP tip line that will allow Canadians to call-in and report any “information about incidents of barbaric cultural practices in Canada.” At the time, Conservative immigration minister Chris Alexander, also took the opportunity to remind Canadians of the recently passed Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act. The legislation covers things like polygamy, forced marriages, minimum age laws for marriage, and more.


During his ongoing tirade against the niqab, the immigration minister heavily criticized the wearing of any headdress, saying that the practice of doing so, “reflects a misogynistic view of women which is grounded in medieval tribal culture.” But what of the women, both young and old, who feel like they are simply exercising a peaceful decision that is based solely upon on their personal faith? If a woman wants to exercise her free will and cover her head, or her arms, or her legs, or any part of her body, why should she be prevented in doing so? Just because people don't understand the reasoning or don't agree with it, is that reason enough to use collective force to prevent a woman from peacefully choosing to cover her head? When it comes to government immigration ceremonies and other official similar scenarios however, there are already guidelines in place to confirm identity, so why is there any worry beyond that for what the women wears?


The discussion has tossed many citizens on either side of the debate. The same immigration minister to ridicule the niqab,  also voiced his support for the controversial Bill C-24 which established two-tiered citizenship in Canada and allows for the government to strip individuals of their citizenship. It is a bill many civil liberties advocates and legal experts are against, and Constitutional scholars like Rocco Galati have already promised to challenge the legislation in the courts.


The tories seem rather determined to continue fueling a campaign of fear, along with furthering a war against the individual and how they choose to live their own life. The election is only a few weeks away and there doesn't seem to be anyone thus far who is taking a strong lead. If you haven't yet, take the time to check out our new deception series featuring videos on the top 4 candidates running this time around: May, Harper, Mulcair, and Trudeau. 

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