Conservative MP Switches Stance On Air India Bombing

Tory MP Wai Young is finding herself having to do some damage control after she made some controversial comments recently, where she had claimed that Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had been aware that there was a bomb on an Air India plane roughly three decades ago; which later exploded in flight and killed 329 people. In her June speech at a Vancouver church, Young stated that the laws at the time had prevented CSIS from being able to do their job and promptly warn RCMP in enough time to confiscate the explosive device. 


Young had made the assertion that because the policing agencies were not able to share their information more broadly and openly, that the Mounties as a result couldn't remove the bomb from the Air India Flight 182; which left Canada back in June 1985. The bomb unfortunately exploded and the plane blew apart off the coast of Ireland. Young says that Bill C-51 is a remedy to this problem because it allows for greater information sharing. This justification of information sharing is an overly-regurgitated talking point from the Tories, one which has been disagreed with by a variety of policing, legal, and security experts. 


When Young was later asked to confirm her remarks about CSIS and the Air India bombing, she instead avoided giving any direct answer and only reiterated the message that passing the bill was needed because of “jihadi terrorism”. Again, the justification of “jihadi terrorism” is one which many legal scholars claim isn't valid enough, when it comes to the broad phishing expeditions conducted by government and the mass violations of the people's civil liberties and Charter-protected rights. Young declared that she will “continue to work with our government to ensure that Canadian communities are strengthened and protected,” but how is the community strengthened when we overlook any violation of the minority (the individual)? 


It didn't take long for Young to later release an official statement claiming that she “misspoke with regards to the investigation of the Air India bombing.” After a 2010 investigation on Air India was conducted, the final report declared that government agencies had significant pieces of information that, if they had been taken together, would have led a competent analyst to conclude that Flight 182 was at a high risk of being bombed by terrorists in June 1985. In other words, it was never officially claimed that CSIS was aware of any bomb on the plane. 


Young also further embarrassed herself this month, and the Conservative party, when she took to invoking the name and works of Jesus Christ as justification for the Anti-Terrorism Act. Young had declared that Conservatives were working “in the same vein” as Jesus by advocating for Bill C-51 and other criminal justice legislation. What Young has done by making these statements, is only prove her own ignorance on the Christian gospel message. When it comes to finding and targeting any threats to the nation, authorities just a few days ago were able to prove that they didn't need the help of C-51 in order to get the job done. They effectively launched an investigation last year, without the assistance from any Anti-Terrorism legislation, and they have now successfully detained the individual. 

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