Closing the Orwellian Memory Hole

By Caleb McMillan

First Mark Dice, then Stefan Molyneux. Lately YouTube seems to be in the business of shutting down subscribers unexpectedly. Fortunately public outcry reversed YouTube's decision. Molyneux's channel was back up in a matter of hours. Dice's channel took a couple more days, but he too is back up fighting the New World Order. But why pull these channels to begin with? Were they bots, trolls or government agents with special flagging rights? Whatever or whoever did it, it's clear that the elite would like to see these ideas evaporate.

We are now living in an age where information has been freed from globalist control. No longer do people turn on their TV and have Walter Cronkite or Peters Mansbridge act as the be-all-end-all of world events. Not only have guys like Dice and Molyneux broken the mainstream media mold, they have actively shown that the mainstream wasn't worth watching to begin with. The globalists have tried to take back this control by buying YouTube through Google. They've attempted to silence some of their biggest critics, but so far all attempts have failed. As mentioned above, Molyneux's ordeal didn't even last 24 hours.

Going forward it's clear that the Elite cannot reopen their Orwellian Memory Hole. Their power over information is rapidly diminishing and will likely to continue as more people wake up and get active. It's also clear that we, as activists, cannot rely solely on YouTube as a platform for our videos. There many alternatives to YouTube, as well as using video-players on one's own website ( for example). We're at another advantage because of the rapid technological innovation of computers and the internet. We may reach the stage where sites like Google and YouTube are irrelevant in defeating the New World Order.

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