Canadians Still Working To Stop The TPP

Canada has already agreed to be a part of the TPP deal, that has been crafted and discussed in secret negotiations for many years. Although they've already agreed to its passage, Canadians are still hopeful that there is a chance to stop it before it actually becomes law. The current Trudeau government has promised that they are open to listening to concern from Canadians on this issue, and they intend to hold a full Parliamentary debate before fully passing it into law.

One petition, launched by, is calling for a stop to the agreement and it has already gained over 20,000 signatures with the goal of reaching at least 5000 more. Some of the major concerns being raised over the passage of this agreement are the new copyright rules that will come into play, a seeming reduction in privacy, a threat to sovereignty in giving multinational corporations the power to sue nations in private tribunals, and much more.


Most Canadians haven't heard of the TPP agreement and of those who have, a majority of them aren't supportive and want to see it scrapped; according to various polls. Trudeau has said that his government might have thus far agreed to moving forward with the deal, but that [apparently] doesn't mean that they agree to it. Many continue to raise concern over this agreement, and Canadians are still trying to appeal to their representatives to do the right thing in representing their interests over those of multinational corporations. The TPP is being called a threat to democracy and to the interests and sovereignty of Canada.


On Monday this week, Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Marchand, speaking at a Rotary Club of Windsor town hall, suggested that the federal government “should consider deferring any decision [on the TPP] until after the U.S. federal election,” he says that “depending on who wins,” that there “[might] be opportunities” for some possible renegotiation to occur. Aside from TPP worries, Trudeau supporters are still waiting on him to move forward with making any changes to Bill C-51 and for him to make good on his promises about legalization; along with other voting concerns. 







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