Canadians Organize Last Day of Action Before Final Senate Vote

Today dozens of rallies took place across the country in protest of bill C-51, from Vancouver to Ottawa many individuals came out to display their continued discontent with the anti-terrorism legislation. The final vote on the matter from the Senate is expected in just a few days from now. Canadians don't show that they are willing to give up the fight anytime soon, when it comes to protecting and asking for their Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be upheld. 

There have already been a few Senators who have come out and publicly stated that they will not endorse or support the bill, however the majority of them remain undecided. It is expected though, that the bill will be pushed through by the Senators who are loyal to the Tories; they represent the majority. However, the Senate leader has publicly affirmed that the Senate doesn't “whip votes,” and that every Senator will be able to vote according to their own conscience, they don't need to fall in-line with party politics as many people expect them to. It's hard to see how they could support the passage of this bill, in the face of so much outcry from the public and even those familiar with the criminal justice system. Not only have hundreds of thousands of Canadians signed petitions and taken to the streets multiple times in protest, but hundreds of lawyers, former Prime Ministers of Canada, security and legal experts, even the Canadian Bar Association, has also continued to keep up the fight against this bill. 


Some people who support the Conservatives, have ignorantly cheered the bill, saying that those who have nothing to hide, shouldn't have anything to fear. But we have already seen that even those individuals who have nothing to hide, are still being targeted and having their rights infringed upon in a way that grossly violates due process. It's no wonder that the Canadian Bar Association continues to fight against and to warn people about the dangers posed by this bill. 


If the Senate does pass this bill, Canadians hope that they can keep up the fight against this anti-terror legislation within the court system, and at the voting booths in October later this year. It's clearly evident that the move to endorse this bill, namely by the Tories and Liberals, has upset many of their supporters, and those (former) supporters have been very vocal about their discontent with this move across numerous social media sites, as well as on the streets in protest. There is rarely ever such a broad and collective outcry from the public over one piece of legislation. Citizens who support a variety of ideologies, from the Green Party to the Conservatives, are upset about this bill, together they've come out to the streets to voice their concerns, and they don't want to see any representatives support C-51.  It's clear that this topic connects with a lot of different people. Canadians still value their privacy, their human rights, and they don't want to see a piece of legislation like bill C-51 erode their rule of law and bring their justice and investigatory system into disrepute.


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