Canadian Money: Corruption On A Massive Scale?

The stronger the Canadian dollar is, the more purchasing power that the Canadian consumer has. This means that you can do more with your money, and wouldn't you like your money to go as far as it can in helping to buy you property, services, to live and enjoy your life? Surely, every single one of us would. It's surprising then to consider the realization that most people don't know where their money comes from, they don't understand what monetary system the nation that they live in is operating with, and they aren't aware that they are losing further purchasing power the longer that we continue with this unsuccessful policy. Canada has been operating with a fiat currency for many decades now, and their fiat currency (the Loonie) is only backed by more unstable fiat currencies, and little if any gold.




According to the Bank of Canada itself, in an article titled A History of the Canadian Dollar, they admit that inflation plays a large part in eroding the purchasing power of the dollar over time. Further, “even with a low annual inflation rate of 2 per cent (the midpoint of Bank of Canada's 1 to 3 per cent target range for inflation since 1995), a dollar will undoubtedly lose half of its purchasing power in approximately 35 years. This is a certainty because multiple hundreds of fiat currencies have failed throughout human history, and the Canadian dollar (like the U.S. dollar) is no different in that it will inevitably fail as well because that is the cycle of fiat monetary policy; building an economy on a foundation of debt. In this Bank of Canada paper, they admit themselves that “the Canadian dollar has lost about 96 per cent of its value in terms of gold since 1933.” Meanwhile, the Governor from the Bank of Canada came out recently and said that we shouldn't “blame [any of] their policies” for trouble with the economy. They waved-off rumors that they were deliberately trying to weaken the Canadian dollar.




They may say that they aren't trying to intentionally cause negative circumstances to arise, yet they insist on continuing with a policy which is known to have failed hundreds of times, and which they themselves admit eventually produces a negative impact on purchasing power. It seems that they don't value the interest of Canadian citizens very much if at all. The purchasing power of the dollar directly impacts their everyday life, what they can afford, and how they can get by and live. So long as the Bank of Canada, and Canadian government, insist on operating with this failing fiat currency, then Canadians are only going to lose more of their money over time. Why do they want us to believe that continual inflation every year should be acceptable for a healthy economy? The simple answer is because they don't want to lose control of their monopoly on currency creation, and they want to continue with their corrupt scheme which currently allows international foreign banks to profit at the Canadian citizens' expense.  



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