Canadian killed in Syria shown in new propaganda video

By Colin Freeze, Globe and Mail

A Canadian extremist killed fighting in Syria has surfaced in a posthumous propaganda video designed to draw more Canadians to the conflict.

“Come and join before the doors close,” says the man, who is identified as “Abu Muslim” of Northern Ontario.

The slick, 10-minute video was apparently recorded in Syria before his death in 2013. It is in English and interspersed with footage of the young man running into the firefight that killed him. Portions of it are stamped with the logo of the media arm of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

A version of the video is being released through the SITE Intelligence Group, a Maryland-based organization that keeps tabs on jihadist propaganda.

Early this year, Ottawa intelligence officials publicly estimated that 130 Canadian extremists have joined the overseas conflicts, many of them gravitating to Syria and Iraq. Several Westerners, including Canadians, have reportedly died fighting with ISIL over the past year. The group is seeking reinforcements, circulating propaganda videos to the West as a recruitment tool.

“Before Islam I was like any other regular Canadian. I watched hockey. I went to the cottage in the summertime. I loved to fish.… I was an everyday, regular Canadian before Islam,” says the young man, wearing a goatee and tinted sunglasses.

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