Canadian Government Wants To Discourage Cannabis Tourism

As legalization efforts continue to unfold in Canada, it is expected that once the market is finally established that Canadians can expect the age of use for cannabis to vary across the country. It is also claimed that authorities are going to stand firmly against promoting cannabis tourism or any cross-border movement of the substance, with similar legalization efforts taking place just south of the border in Washington.


The government will also be looking to establish nation-wide impaired driving laws for cannabis and they hope to have their new drug laws formed by spring next year. Bill Blair, the head of the legalization task force in Canada, says that he wants to see what the best way is to “keep our roadways safe” when it comes to the new changes.

The country will eventually be seeking to implement regulations that will try to discourage any cannabis-related tourism, because apparently they don't want to go down that road no matter how much money it might bring in for them and local businesses. Thus far, the Liberal government has said that Canadians can expect to see their parties version of legalization come to fruition by next year, while many people (especially those who voted for Trudeau) seemingly growing impatient waiting to see him fulfill a promise that he said he would start to take care of starting day one.

While they take their time, dispensaries continue to be ticketed and raided and a growing number of people have been arrested and continue to be given records. The NDP recently urged the Liberals to decriminalize the plant in the meantime while they continue to work on establishing their market, but they refused that suggestion and Canadians will just have to wait. Blair has also said that he doesn't think enforcement of cannabis is a federal matter and he said that he was satisfied with the current level of enforcement. Despite the push-back from authorities however, the cannabis community has been fighting many of the tickets in court, and many dispensaries have exercised civil disobedience in opening the very next day after being shut down. Perhaps it's safe to assume that the longer Trudeau and other officials take, in order to fulfill his bold promise of legalization, the more support that he is going to lose from people who are waiting for him to keep his word.






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