Canada’s Response to Iraq Air-Strikes

As Al-Qaeda (now called ISIS) continues to take over Iraq, the US Military Industrial Complex – headed by puppet Barack Obama – have started air-strikes in retaliation.


Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada backs US air-strikes (apparently Canada is a homogeneous entity that Baird speaks for) and that the US has not asked for help from Canada.


“Canada continues to condemn the repugnant killing of innocent civilians, including women and children, from Christian, Yazidi and other religious and minority communities in northern Iraq by the terror group ISIS,” Baird said in a statement.


“We call on Iraqi leaders to come together to govern for all Iraqis, regardless of religion, and for the sake of the security, democracy and prosperity of the Iraqi people.”


Baird is forgetting that Iraq borders were drawn by European powers in early part of the 20th century. The entire Middle East is an artificial and arbitrary set of borders that ignore customs, cultures and religion. That’s why you have Yazidi and Christian minorities targeted by Islamic extremists. The US is supported by the Kurds right now, but in the future, who knows.


The Middle East has been a mess since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Yet, the Ottoman Empire wasn’t something to gloat about either. The solution to all this “anarchy” is anarchy. Not the chaos generated by states but the peaceful, voluntary cooperation of individuals. Granted, the Middle East looks like the last place Rothbardian ideas will take hold. But who knows, it’s always darkest before dawn.


In the meantime, understanding the Middle East situation means relying less on what John Baird says and more on educating yourself against these statists. A strict non-interventionist foreign policy is the only true “liberal” or “conservative” option to take. Baird, Harper and the “neo-cons” have their intellectual roots in socialism, Leon Trotsky and the worldwide revolution. But all revolutions invoke violence and leave the masses worse off than they were before. Even Trotsky was betrayed by the revolution he fought for. I can only imagine what the future holds for Baird, Harper and the others. Hopefully no ice-axe to the face, but a trial for war crimes would be a good start.


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