Canada's New Carbon Emissions Regime Comes Into Effect This Fall

 Starting this fall, Canada is going to be imposing a carbon price on all provinces that don't adequately regulate their emissions. According to the Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, the new emissions regime is set to be in place by October of this year. British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, are Canada's four largest provinces which currently have a tax on carbon or they have a cap-and-trade emissions-limiting system in place.

Earlier this year, Trudeau got the provinces to agree to a deal; compromising om the concept of the government issuing a price on carbon emissions. “We're going to make sure [that] there is a strong price on carbon right across the country and we're hoping that the provinces are going to be able to do that in a way for themselves,” Trudeau previously stated.

For now, McKenna hasn't elaborated on how they will go about enforcing penalties for defiance, but she did say that the state requires uniformity in the emission reductions even though the provinces are free to establish their own regulation methods.

It might not go as smoothly as Trudeau hopes however, as some provinces are choosing to fight back. The Saskatchewan Premier has come out and threatened legal action over the carbon pricing, along with the support from the leaders of Canada's three territories. Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, has said that he will take Ottawa to court if the carbon tax is imposed. Wall argues that a top-down approach to the carbon emissions, like the one being proposed, is a breach in the government's commitment to the ongoing discussions between the provinces and the federal government.



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