Canada Sending 2 Planes & 30 Troops to Deliver Military Supplies in Iraq

The Harper Government is sending two cargo planes into Iraq as part of the Globalist effort to prop up the Kurdish force and bring greater instability in the Middle East.

Harper says the CC-177 Globemaster and CC-130J Hercules transport will begin funnelling arms to whatever allies the West are supporting at the moment.

The flights include 30 military personnel. PFT is asking these men and women to disobey orders.

The U.S. & France are spending in weapons; Britain is expected to follow suit.

The Al Qaeda splinter group, despite being trained by Western forces for Syria, have seized large parts of North Iraq with the help of the Sunnis.

The Globalists are trying to maintain Iraq’s established border and their crony-capitalist democratic state.

More to come as events unfold…

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