Canada Establishes Council On Economic Growth To Help Revive Economy

The Canadian government has a plan to improve the economy and increase the standard of living for its citizens, and it consists of establishing a new Advisory Council on Economic Growth that will be comprised of 14 members. Those individuals who are asked to join are said to be “forward-thinking” individuals in their respective fields, and they will be tasked with crafting a plan that will set Canada on a path to prosperity.


The government is planning to develop a “robust growth strategy” that will apparently be designed to foster a stronger middle class and improve the standard of living for many. Maybe if the middle class didn't have so much of their money extorted from them they might then have a higher standard of living. This council will be the group that guides the Minister of Finance in implementing the plans and changes. The group has 8 female members and 6 males.


Council members:


  • Dominic Barton (chair)

  • Elyse Allan

  • Katherine Barr

  • Jennifer Blanke

  • Kenneth Courtis

  • Brian Ferguson

  • Suzanne Fortier

  • Carol Anne Hilton

  • Carol Lee

  • Christopher Ragan

  • Michael Sabia

  • Angela Strange

  • Ilse Treurnicht

  • Mark Wiseman

Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, has said that the government's top priority is creating long-term economic growth, but if they are going to continue with a monetary policy that erodes purchasing power and fosters inflation, how will that make the economy any stronger? And surely, they don't think that adding more debt to the mix is going to be a solution, the country is already over $1 trillion in debt. Morneau says that the council will help to “implement a strategy that will build on the foundation” for Budget 2016 and “restore hope for Canada's middle class” he says. Interestingly, chair of the group, Dominic Barton, is expected to be paid only $1 for the job, but he will have his expenses covered by the government.


Perhaps what would be best for the economy would be for political control freaks to leave it alone and let it prosper without their centralized meddling? Thus far those who've tried to direct it have only proven their incompetency by promoting a system which erodes the standard of living for every single Canadian via their purchasing power. If they wanted to consider drastic change that might help then why didn't they promote the recent COMER case that was seeking to restore the Bank of Canada to its originally intended purpose?  The council wants some fresh ideas on how to change things, well how about freedom? Maybe that's a good way to start attracting investors to the area and turning things around from the path of control, violence, extortion, and failure, that they have been continuing on.  



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