C-51 Is Being Fueled By Fear And Party Politics

Civil liberties advocates, legal experts, security and policing professionals, judges, and many others have come out against bill C-51 in recent months. Yet, we still had to watch Canadian members of Parliament today tell us why we should allow the government to broadly violate our liberties. Canadians have been protesting this bill for months now, with hundreds of thousands coming out to various rallies across the nation to voice their concerns. There have been countless articles written about this bill, warning citizens of its passage and the dangers it will pose to their privacy and more. Many have confirmed that the bill will grossly degrade the legal foundation of due process in this country, which is why the Canadian Bar Association among other organizations, has called for the refusal of this bill.

Wayne Easter of the Liberal party, wasn't afraid to stand-up for C-51, trying to desperately justify its passage with the weak claim that “we need the security aspects of this bill,” but his point is a tired one which has been discounted by a myriad of law professionals, security experts, judges, and many other prominent individuals. Regardless of the overwhelming evidence available to refute his fears, Easter stuck to them blindly and reiterated that Canadians needed to “combat this [growing] threat.” He and others continue to promote a fear agenda, despite the fact that we are more likely to be harmed from lightning strikes, bee stings, pharmaceuticals, and car accidents, than we will ever need to fear any terrorist attack here on the West Coast. There is zero justification that has been made thus far to warrant the passage of C-51, which is why so many prominent citizens and professionals have come-out against it.


Easter said that the bill wouldn't result in any “secret police,” but what do you call it when individuals are detained in a preventative manner by CSIS, even when they haven't been charged with any crime, and when they are being held without any trustworthy oversight and will not have any chance at defensive representation? This is not something that you would expect to find in a country that has traditionally held a reputation for respecting human freedoms and civil liberties, not only here at home but also for those living abroad as well. We already have the legal system and tools in place that we need in order to punish acts of criminality, to seek remedy over acts of violence, and more. This is a point that again, has been reaffirmed by more than 100 law professors across the nation, not to mention other policing and security professionals in the country.

Conservative party member Tim Uppal, wasn't the only person to demonstrate his allegiance to party politics this morning, in placing priority on the rhetoric of fear, over the liberties and well-being of the people. Uppal and other Conservatives promised that C-51 would make us safer, but we are not safer when we allow for national security agencies to determine the limits of their own powers and to erode our rule of law. Again, countless legal experts and other individuals have come out against this bill and expressed in detail why we should reject it, but the Conservatives just don't seem to be listening. Bill C-51 is expected to see a vote later today.



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