Bill C-51 Is Now Law

The anti-terrorism Bill C-51 has now received royal assent this week and it is in-fact law within Canada. Despite this fact, the bill continues to receive widespread criticism and scrutiny from various organizations, accredited professionals, and concerned individuals. Many citizens are vowing to make this a serious voting issue for them come this fall. We can see that both the Liberal party and the Conservative party have taken a serious dip in the polls lately as a result of their efforts having worked together to pass this highly controversial bill. New polls show that the NDP is now surpassing the other two as the favorite for the upcoming federal election, according to Forum Research. 

image The recent Forum poll also suggests that many Canadian citizens would like to see the Liberal and the NDP party form a coalition; should the Tories achieve a minority government win later this fall. After watching the Tories and the Liberals support the approval of a bill like Bill C-51, a piece of legislation which erodes the rule of law in this nation (according to the Canadian Bar Association and other legal experts), it has prompted many to seek a solution elsewhere. This frustration that many are feeling, to find someone who truly will represent their Charter rights effectively in Canada, explains the recent surge in support for the NDP; as that party has grown increasingly critical in recent days over C-51. With the passage of C-51 in the Senate and the new formal implementation of the bill, the NDP are now vowing to repeal the bill should they win later in the fall. 


Those who have been following the progress of C-51, will remember that just a few months ago the NDP wouldn't commit to fully scrapping the bill, and instead they only affirmed that they'd repeal “portions of the bill,.” Understandably, we see now that they are turning-up the anti C-51 rhetoric in an effort to garner more support for the fall, as this has become such an important issue with many Canadian voters. For those who are concerned about this bill and who still don't want to vote for the NDP, you should know that there is another option for Canadians outside of them; in the Libertarian Party of Canada. This party has stood against the bill and vowed to repeal it since day one. 


Following heavy backlash over the efforts of the Liberals to pass the anti-terror legislation, Justin Trudeau has been having a hard time trying to convince citizens that he will be a good choice for leadership. Just this week, Trudeau vowed that he was now suddenly dedicated to the effort of repealing parts of the bill. This is a move which comes across as an obvious attempt to placate Canadians, trying to appease their criticisms against the Liberals for them not having stood-up for the Constitution and Charter Rights of Canadian citizens. If the new Forum Poll is any indication, Canadians don't seem to be buying the rhetoric that Harper and Trudeau are selling any longer. For now, Canadians are hoping that they will see some resolution for their worries on C-51 come from the court system; this will be a prominent and lengthy legal battle which Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati has already volunteered to lead. 

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