Bilderberg vs. Russia?

The goal of the global elite is a one-world government, a one-world currency and global depopulation. But what are the means? One way is through military and financial control via Bilderberg conferences. Bringing in the world’s financial, industrial and political elite is a great way to coordinate plans together. Elites around the world have more in common with each other than they do with the “common man” of their own countries. Uniting the world’s elites has been wildly successful for the Anglo-American Empire. But all empires are built on paper assets and the elite know this. The petro-dollar is the only thing keeping the Empire afloat, hence the aggression to secure oil in the Middle East. But what about all the oil and natural gas in North America? Or Tesla’s technology that is available, makes oil irrelevant, but is purposefully kept off the market? Occupying the Middle East has more to do with controlling Russia and China than it does with securing energy sources. If anything, it’s to secure that the enemy doesn’t have access to these energy sources. Or is it all part of a larger plan? How much of an enemy is Russia? Bankers love to invest in both sides of war, so that alone doesn’t prove Russia’s compliance with the Western elite. Putin has certainly become the boogeyman and this will likely continue. It’s clear that this year’s Bilderberg attendees are concerned over the rogue agent that is Vladimir Putin. But is he an agent? Perhaps Russia (and China) are growing tired of the West’s control and are ready to break from the New World Order. Which begs the question – is this all part of a plan or is the Anglo-American Empire actually receding into the dustbin of history?

If they are losing, why not just plow right ahead? Well, they kind of are but making your local police look like the military is a good way to wake people up. There is Brzezinski’s “global awakening problem” where he and his elite pals are finding opposition to the tyranny they’re imposing both at home and around the world. Plowing right ahead tends to backfire. And the elite’s know their history. The thing with being a dictator is knowing when to stop. Once you start to believe in your powers too much you become vulnerable to slip-ups. Stalin screwed up by trying to control his situation through micro-management. He murdered (or got murdered) experienced military men from the Russian Civil War due to his own paranoia. When Germany attacked, Russia was left with an inexperienced military command and almost fell to the Nazis. Another excellent example is Che Guevara. That guy was a control-freak and couldn’t understand why people weren’t becoming communist after the Cuban revolution. Russians and Cubans alike were perplexed by Che’s persistence that Cuba could skip socialism and go straight to communism. Che actually believed he could create the New Socialist Man in one generation.

Individual human actions are too diverse and numerous to keep under strict control. Freedom of association is needed to generate some resemblance of a society. Within this realm of society, there is the coercive element of the state and the crony-capitalists who latch onto it for personal gain. This element exercises control that no one else has: the legitimate use of force. The reason for this legitimacy is hard to pinpoint considering the illegitimate practices of the state: monopoly, taxation, war, victimless crimes. But nevertheless, governments are the root of the global elite’s control. Governments can be controlled and so can the minds of the voters. But what can’t be controlled is the spontaneous order of the market. The elite control as much as they can, but they know one should not replace the entire market order. Only individuals can act. It is the individual actor that chooses among various means. The elites do their best to influence the choices that bring about the ends they desire. Internationally, that has meant using Bilderberg to bring in the world’s elite to get everyone on the same page. But now Vladimir Putin is a supposed dissident.

Before focusing on Putin, let’s consider the notion that the Anglo-American Empire is in retreat. That Obama was chosen because he is passive and that Trudeau is being groomed to replace the warmongering Stephen Harper who destroyed Canada’s international peacekeeping reputation. (Note, that reputation is unfounded). There is a lot of evidence counter to this; NATO is clearly provoking Russia. But if the elite’s know their history, would it not be a smart move to pull-back? They’ve overextended themselves both militarily and financially. The USD and the EURO are not going to survive a war with the East. Meanwhile, Russia and China are stockpiling gold. The Anglo-American elite would love to introduce a world currency once the dollar tanks. But why would Russia & China accept it? Unless, of course, it’s based on gold. And the elites are smart enough to recognize that this “barbaric relic” has a 5,000 year history as money. International bankers are not stupid.

We know that elites have more in common with each other than they do with us. The American and Russian establishments during the Cold War were not the foes history textbooks make them out to be. It’s well-documented that the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wall Street and that people at the top pulled strings to get Lenin back to Moscow in time to fill that power vacuum. But once the USSR was in place, it had autonomy. It was in everybody’s interests to remain friends and foes simultaneously. The history of USA-USSR relations becomes clearer once this seemingly contradictory idea is kept in mind. Even after the collapse the Soviet Union little has changed. What did change was Russia’s introduction into the Western crony-capitalist system. All of a sudden the world wasn’t divided between Marxist-Leninism and Western fascism. It became completely fascist. The supposed “end of history” and the launch of the New World Order.

It is that coordinated plan that Putin is walking away from. And despite some connections between Russia and the West, it is this kind of individual action that can cause an unravelling of their system. Rogue politicians in Georgia helped provoke the 2008 conflict which was another blow for the Western elite. The Chinese elites are getting hard to handle as well.

The Anglo-American elites are attempting to unite with the Russian and Chinese elites to establish a world-government. The latter group is pushing back. A war may break out, but the elites will be safe and sound. This is a power struggle over a global empire. As to how much of it is staged, we need look no further than Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope. There is a power behind the power. The men and women at Bilderberg this year may find themselves the target of a populist uprising next year. But the names not on the list will be fine. China & Russia may become the world’s superpowers and replace the IMF & UN with their own versions. But the power behind the power will be fine. And with the goal completed: world-government issuing a global currency. Whether it’s based out of Russia, China or America doesn’t matter. Give them control of the money and they don’t care who makes the laws.

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