The Biggest Economic Crash in History

There are a number of financial experts who have been warning for many years now, about the possibility of the coming global financial collapse. Experts like Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Jeff Berwick, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and others, have tried to warn the public that the U.S. dollar is set down a path of self-destruction. Hundreds upon hundreds of fiat currencies have failed throughout human history, and there is no guarantee that the U.S. dollar or Canadian loonie won't join them. The Federal Reserve has been threatening to raise interest rates for quite some time now, and there were some who didn't think that they would ever raise them again. That day finally came this week, after the Fed announced that they plan to march forward with their intention to raise interest rates between 0.25 – 0.5 per cent.

The small rise in rates will mark the first increase in rates after 7 years. “This action marks the end of an extraordinary 7 year period,” said Yellen on the move. “[This move] recognizes the considerable progress that has been made toward restoring jobs, raising incomes, and easing the economic hardship of millions of Americans. And it reflects the committees confidence that the economy will continue to strengthen,” said Yellen on the matter. But there are some who don't agree that the economy has showed the signs of improvement Yellen eludes to. Granted, 0.25 per cent of a rate hike isn't much of a hike at all. “We won't see a Fed interest rate of over 1 per cent until the dollar collapses and/or they are forced to chase price inflation from a safe distance,” according to financial expert Jeff Berwick of 



Since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the U.S. dollar has lost roughly 96 per cent of its value. Ironically, the Federal Reserve was established under the guise that it would strengthen the dollar and protect the economy, and yet we've seen it work in quite the opposite direction. Fostering inflation and multiple bubbles within the market, aside from slowly deteriorating purchasing power for every citizen. 

Despite the rhetoric over a strong economy, there remains a coming financial storm, that has been fostered by central banks around the world. As Mike Maloney points out, it will be a storm that consists of a housing bubble crisis, a stock market crisis, and a bond market crisis all in one. For now, strong faith remains in the U.S. dollar with many people, but that collective faith has been declining over recent years as we've seen other countries start to move away from the dollar. The important thing to consider is how to protect yourself from a potential collapse of the dollar, which is something that Dan Dicks was recently able to discuss with Rick Rule. 

When it comes to confidence in the U.S. dollar, that confidence can quickly blow away. For example, if Yellen does increase rates and then needs to lower them again, that move is sure to drive away confidence and support in the U.S. dollar and the ongoing scheme surrounding it. As Doug Casey pointed out in his recent interview with Dan Dicks, he too believes that the U.S. dollar could soon see a crash in the near future. "The world's economic situation is in a very similar position, same as it was in 2007,... for the last few years we've been in this gigantic eye of [a financial hurricane], and soon I think we are going to exit the trailing edge of the hurricane," according to Doug Casey. 


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