Being manipulated to hate

Since the Paris attacks took place on Friday, many individuals have taken to social media to voice their understandable outrage and concern over the incident. The media has been in overdrive covering the issue, fostering division and hatred within the public; promoting an atmosphere of fear. Some individuals were so upset that they even publicly called for the annihilation of the Middle East region entirely, one individual went so far as to encourage the idea that another Hiroshima should occur. Paris too has already responded to the attacks by dropping at least 20 bombs in Syria.


In Canada, a mosque was set on fire in what is now being called a “hate crime.” This isn't the first time that the Islamic community in Canada has withstood an attack such as this. The current mosque that was set on fire in Peterborough happens to be the only mosque in the city, and police say the fire looks as if it broke out at around 11pm on Saturday evening. It's clear that many are quickly jumping on the bandwagon of hate, following the recent attacks, and any who instead opt to propose peaceful solutions are being dismissed as “Islam apologists.”



The hate is being fostered yet again, and surely new support for military endeavors can now be found. But despite the recent catastrophe that took place on Friday, there is still far more reason to fear falling down the stairs or getting hurt in a car accident, than there is to fear any terror attack. Food borne illnesses and dangerous side effects from pharmaceutical pills should be more readily feared than any kamikaze bogeyman. However, the media's perpetual terror spin makes it hard at times to remember this simple fact.  

Canada's Response Since The Attacks:

Following the terror attacks in Paris, Trudeau has since announced that he continues to go ahead with his refugee plan of letting several of them into the country. Trudeau was also fuzzy on whether or not the recent attacks were going to prompt him to change his mind in regards to Canada's foreign policy and involvement with Syria.

Unfortunately, ISIS has also made threats to support the notion that Canada could be the next target. 


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