ATTACKED By A Mob & Then ARRESTED! - Journalist Dan Dicks ASSAULTED For Filming Protest In Canada

Josh Sigurdson interviews Dan Dicks of Press For Truth on his insane last month at protests on either side of the fence and being assaulted and arrested at a BLM rally in Vancouver Canada. Dan was just interviewing protesters at an event against police brutality. Dan had of course released the documentary film "Into The Fire" exposing police brutality ten years ago in Canada. Today, most of the kids at the protest have no idea the film exists, yet after one person claimed Dan was (insert buzzword here), the whole mob attacked him, surrounded him, screamed at him without even knowing who he was. Police then made the problem worse under the guise of "saving him" by apprehending him, pulling him out of the crowd, marching him through hundreds of people who then begun throwing objects at Dan's face and then he got arrested. Of course Dan got attacked by similar group think collectivists a week earlier at a protest and most crazy of all, he got attacked for filming at a protest a couple weeks earlier on the lockdown as people claimed he was killing the elderly by even going outside in a group of 12 people. This is how crazy and hypocritical mob mentality has become. There is no sense to make of it.

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