Are You Ready for the Next Terrorist Attack?

We are being told an ISIS attack via Mexico is imminent. Then there's the “Ebola-infested ISIS terrorist” that took a boat from Canada to Cleveland's Rock 'n' Roll of Fame without being stopped. Which goes to show how useless these border security guards really are and how it's more about image and intimidation than actual public safety. Then we've got the 13th anniversary of 9/11 kicking off with another expedition Iraq, this time including the Canadian Armed Forces. Thanks Stephen. Meanwhile the original war-mongers (the neocon crew of the Bush Administration) have yet to be charged for war crimes and the official investigation into 9/11 has not been re-opened despite it being an obvious whitewash.


It seems to me that the real terrorists aren't in Iraq, they are in Washington and Ottawa. Whether your knowledge of geopolitical affairs started on September 11th 2001 or yesterday, it should be clear how criminal this establishment is. Let's start with the direct consequences 9/11 itself. No need to beat a dead horse, so if don't know the facts I suggest you check out this film. The aftermath of that event was to occupy Afghanistan and do several things but namely increase the opium trade. Few realize how the CIA and other elements of the Military Industrial Complex are self-sufficient thanks to the Drug War. In the event of a dollar collapse where clowns like McCain, Yellen or Obama are targeted by the Tea-Party conservatives, the perpetrators behind-the-scenes will still be creating destruction via their coercive drug trade. The CIA doesn't need America anymore than the KGB needed the USSR. What's in a name, anyway? Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. ISIS, the CIA and Washington have a lot in common no matter what you call them.


In 2001, Saddam Hussein was transforming Iraq's oil trade by selling the product in Euros. We all saw what happened to him. Then there's Libya. Gaddafi's decision to trade oil in a new gold currency he called the Dinar turned out to be a major miscalculation. Now I don't want to shout conspiracy without proper sources, but the correlation between countries that try to go off the petro-dollar and end up getting bombed are pretty consistent. Syria moved away from the dollar in 2006 and Iran in 2008. The “dollars for oil" gambit is failing and with it will go the whole U.S. economy. That's why they keep invading the Middle East. It's about oil. It has always been about oil.


Now if going to war over oil sounds maddening, consider the context in which the United States Government finds itself. If another currency replaces the dollar's dominance in oil-based trade, what will happen to the demand for U.S. dollars? They will drop as there will likely be a mass Exodus out of the dollar and into whatever buys oil. As these dollars come home to roost, the Federal Reserve will probably respond by printing more money. Then the Fed will be meet with the Treasury to determine the best course of action. I'm predicting price controls. But that won't work as interest rates will rise whether the Fed allows them to or not. It's likely hyperinflation will result for a short-time as it takes a while for the higher interest rates to take effect. All the meanwhile gas prices in America hit the roof. And if price controls try to keep them low, then they'll be a gas shortage. The Fed may destroy half the money supply and raise interest rates to astronomical levels. Or they may keep printing and pretending everything is okay. Either way, the American economy will be in a deep, deep depression and there's no way to avoid this. However, as one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the world, America's downfall will be temporary.


For the time being, there are incentives to keep the petro-dollar the reserve currency of the world. But given Washington's policies, there's also incentive for other countries to stop using the dollar in trade. The U.S. dollar is just a piece of paper that has lost 99% of its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Nixon's closing of the gold window meant no one could hand in the paper for real gold. Since then it's been a confidence game that the U.S. is now losing out on. There is no market. Just currency masquerading as money.


The power-elite in the West, whether hidden or not, are no different from the terrorists “we” fight overseas. Both rely on the “might-is-right” philosophy of authority. Obama tried to remind us that ISIS (the Islamic State) is neither Islamic nor a State. Well... historically the first-generation of Islam did spread through conquest and war, so even though it may be a “religion of peace,” there is certainly basis for these kind of conversion tactics. Second, yes Barry. The Islamic State is a State.


The Islamic State (or ISIL, or ISIS or whatever) are a group of men with guns, patrolling the streets of their occupied territory, extracting wealth from the populace, exerting their dictatorial control over persons and property. That is exactly what a State does. It is a territorial monopoly of ultimate decision-making that uses violence and intimidation to govern. It forcibly extract tribute from its subjects, in which it, the state, unilaterally decides how much this tribute should be and how often the subjects must pay it. Ask President Obama or Prime Minister Harper what happens if you choose not to pay the “tribute” owed to the government. First you get a letter, then more letters. Finally guys with guns show up on your property and kidnap you. They stick you in a cage until this tribute issue can be sorted out. By their courts.


The free society – often referred to as anarchism – is a state of affairs where individuals choose law and order in the same way they choose where to buy food, where to sleep or whom to buy medicine from. Neither the innocents under ISIS rule nor citizens of Western democracies have this choice. The only difference is we can go to the polls every four years and decide who the new CEO of the company should be. But we never stop paying for the company, even if we want to. Hence, it's a little frightening when you consider how aggressive and militarized the domestic police force has become. They are a modern, more capital-intensive form of the ISIS militants. Instead of promoting jihad, they force the rules and regulations of the democratic state. Don't like it? It's okay, “you are the government!” or so goes the civic religion. Centuries of thought on liberty, the proper role of government and the tyrannical tendencies of administrative law have been forgotten. There is nothing that separates our governments from those Islamic State militants. Nothing.


The reality is that the business-model of all states – whether a militant, primitive Islamic one, or a Western democratic one – are based on monopoly and coercion. Both sides of the conflict use the same means. They raise their funds by stealing from the general populace.


And now here we are 13 years after the 9/11 attacks. 9 years since the London bombings. A year and a half since the Boston Marathon bombings. All of which have questionable facts and hint to a larger conspiracy. But governments rarely investigate themselves. They instead call these murders and destruction of property a “terrorist attack” and then pick a Middle Eastern country to invade. Meanwhile, we're left with fewer liberties and a criminal conspiracy most journalists won't touch. And now to make matters worse, the criminals-in-charge are talking about the possible ISIS attack in North America.


I think it's clear that this threat is real. Not real in the sense that an ISIS terrorist who hates us for our freedoms somehow makes it to Mexico, crosses the border (which the USG is leaving wide-open) and manages to kill hundreds of Americans. That would be the official story. What's more likely is another false-flag. What I fear when I hear about ISIS threats in North America is that the power-elite are again willing to murder Americans (or Canadians) in an attempt to drum up support for more murder overseas. They're practically advertising it.



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