AquaBounty Wins Federal Case And Will Continue With GMO Salmon Production

AquaBounty has won an appeal that was launched by two environmental groups who were looking to prevent the company from forging ahead with their plans for GMO salmon. The two environmental groups tried to argue that the ministers didn't follow their own rules when approving the company to manufacture salmon eggs and to then export those eggs to be raised into fully grown fish in Panama. The fish that AquaBounty plans to produce will grow at twice the rate of regular farmed Atlantic salmon and they have also been approved for sale as food in the U.S.


The Ecology Action Centre of Halifax and the Living Oceans Society in B.C. were the ones who collectively launched the campaign and filed an appeal against AquaBounty and the federal ministers of health and environment. They say that the Environment minister failed to comply with the Environmental Protection Act and that they failed to obtain and assess legally required information regarding a toxicity assessment. The courts went ahead and dismissed the allegations and the company will now be allowed to proceed.


“The Ministers have adopted an interpretation of [the Canadian Environmental Protection Act] in light of their day-to-day experience administering the Act,” said Justice Russel W. Zinn. “[The decision they made] was reasonable and made in the manner prescribed by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.”


AquaBounty responded to the win by saying that it was delighted to be able to move forward with planned production for GMO salmon. They believe that this win should allay any fears that consumers might have about their fish, but there are still many around the world who remain skeptical of the claims and promises that are made surrounding GMO food and the production thereof. Individuals like Rachel Parent, Daniel Bissonnette, and many others, continue to be dedicated to spreading awareness about the possible dangerous surrounding GMO food and GMO crops. It doesn't matter how many corporations wave-off concerns in hopes that consumers will still buy their products, the fact remains that many people simply don't want to be a part of the GMO experiment with their own body.


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