Americans Spend Roughly $10 Million Every Hour On War

 Regardless of the ever-changing faces in presidency over the years, the status-quo has for the most part safely remained the same for the United States. The priorities of war and debt never seem to change and the revolving door of empty and unfulfilled promises has prompted a growing number or citizens to lose faith in the system and to instead turn toward embracing third party and independent options. One of the main priorities is war and since 2011, Americans have spent roughly $10 million every hour just on foreign military occupations and ongoing warfare overseas.  

 Once the United States invades an area, it appears that they never seem to leave, and have thus consequently established the presence of having hundreds of bases around the world. The never ending warfare has fostered an atmosphere of harsh criticism toward the United States and its ongoing, seemingly imperialistic, foreign policy.


 While roughly 1 in every 7 individuals within the United States struggling with hunger and poverty, their leaders can somehow justify funneling millions every hour toward their terror ghost-chase overseas. The trillions in debt is one of the most pressing issues that the United States faces and yet none of its political leaders, or those running for presidency, seemed to be concerned with this glaring reality. Despite what leaders have said in the past about wanting to help the American people, we can see on the contrary that a higher priority is placed on helping to perpetuate an agenda; along with their own self-serving interests.



“When a country or an individual is broke, they're supposed to quit spending money and they're supposed to pay off their bills,.. but the only thing [they've done in Washington is they've] accelerated everything,.. [Created] more money and credit to try and bail out the problems that they've created. So yes we're in for a lot of trouble yet to come,” admits former statesman Ron Paul.



Regardless of the empty promises about auditing the Fed or withdrawing any presence from military endeavors overseas, we can expect to see that the same is going to continue for quite some time. Certainly there are higher priorities for Americans than spending trillions of dollars on militarism overseas. The worsening financial crisis facing the United States has been building for many years and the issue is bipartisan; Paul reminds us.





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