Alison Redford’s Alberta Values

Stephen Harper once said,

“Westerners, but especially Albertans, founded the Reform/Alliance to get “in” to Canada. The rest of the country has responded by telling us in no uncertain terms that we do not share their ‘Canadian values.’ Fine. Let us build a society on Alberta values.”


With the resignation of former Alberta premier and MLA for Calgary-Elbow, Alison Redford, we get a glimpse of what “Alberta values” really are. Surprise, surprise, no matter where you go, politicians will be politicians.


They like to spend money that isn’t theirs and some of them, like Alison, have a real problem stopping.


Redford became the Alberta PC Leader in October 2011. Things started off bad when MLAs were getting $1,000 a month for a committee that didn’t meet for 39 months. In October 2012 the Redford Government spent $500,000 on hotel expenses at the London Olympics. $114,000 of these were on empty rooms.


A year later Redford’s chief of staff quit only after 6 months. No big deal, except for the $130,000 severance package.


There was, of course, conflicts of interest during Redford’s governorship. She chose her ex-husband’s law firm to proceed with a $10 billion tobacco lawsuit.


She flew to Palm Springs on the taxpayer’s dime, billing Albertans $9,200


She went to Nelson Mandela’s funeral and for some reason it cost $45,000. Meanwhile Edmonton’s Federal Building was getting decked out with a Premier’s Suite (a swank penthouse) total ling $375 million in renovations.


Bilderberg made lamestream presstitute news when Redford’s attendance cost taxpayers $19,000.


Finally, Alison Redford resigned. But the bills kept coming in. Her final trip was Premier was a $131,000 trip to London.


How does one spend so much? One way to is book “ghost passengers” so Redford can fly on a commercial jet privately. You’d think it’d be cheaper just to rent a private jet.


Now Redford is eligible for a $179,000 severance package she promised not to take. From my count, she actually owes taxpayers money. Typically if you steal money you go to jail. For some reason when it is called “taxation” it ceases to be theft. But even the most die-hard statists will have to admit that what Redford did was borderline stealing. The RCMP is investigating those “ghost” flights.


I guess this is what Stephen Harper meant by Alberta values.


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