3 Month Lock-down: Expansive New Powers For French Police

It didn't take long for France to respond to the terror attacks that occurred just a few days ago. Shortly after the attacks took place, France closed its borders, initiated curfew, and went into overdrive trying to regain a sense of security over the area. Now it looks like the tension might continue for a few months. Police in France have now been given huge new powers that include the ability to put people under house arrest without any trial and they are also able to block websites.

The nation's parliament has extended the country's state of emergency for the next few months, allowing authorities there to get access to huge powers that date back to 1955. These new powers include detaining people without trial, searching people in their home without a warrant, and the power to block any website that it deems to be a problem.
“This is a fast response of a democracy faced with barbarism. This is the effective legal response in the face of an ideology of chaos,” said Prime Minister Emmanuel Valls. Despite the government trying to justify the move however, many civil liberties advocates are understandably concerned about the suspension of due process within the country, and the dangers that this could pose to innocent people. 

Terrorism continues to be the justification for which liberties have been eroded, with legislation like the Patriot Act, NDAA, and Bill C-51 in Canada.  But despite authority figures trying to convince us that sacrificing liberty is necessary, there have been many who have had the courage to admit otherwise. Like those who were once in positions that required them to lie to the American public, individuals like former NSA tech director Bill Binney. As Ron Paul has said many times in the past, we never need to sacrifice our liberty for security. In fact, we are less safe when we do just that. 


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