3 Mistakes That Are Leading To the Downfall of the NWO

When can we start talking about the post-New World Order? I suppose not until the Globalists are in jail or have been hunted down in some modern version of the French Revolution. Perhaps we'll have to wait till the death of David Rockefeller. He is one of the major architects; the founder of Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. But at age 99, his death - minus some life extension technology has allows him to live forever - should come anytime now.



Will we see an inner power struggle after his death? Will this instability plus the global awakening spell disaster for the New World Order? Maybe, maybe not. But as no Empire is immune from human error, here are the 3 mistakes that in the last seven years, have proven to be disastrous for their plans.


1. Not Killing Ron Paul*


Back in 2007 one of the topics at Bilderberg was whether they should assassinate Ron Paul. They decided not to. They probably should have. This was just as his bid for the Republican leadership was making him a household name. And things only got worse from there (or better, depending on your viewpoint).


Now they can't kill him. Silencing the former congressmen will only make things worse. And now he has imitators. Every Tea Party candidate wants to be the next Ron Paul and support is high enough that even veteran politicians like Eric Cantor aren't immune to voter backlash.


They could have killed him it in stealth. Injected him with cancer like they did with Jack Ruby. But instead the Bilerbergers allowed the perceived gold-buggery crank to broadcast his message to America. The result has been a renewed interest in the Austrian school and libertarian ideas. As well as the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and the Ron Paul Channel (now called Voices of Liberty).


Since 2007 Ron Paul has only gotten bigger and his message is resonating with more and more people everyday. The elites had their chance to silence Dr. Paul back in 2007, before any of this happened. They should have taken that chance.


2. Not Crashing the Economy in 2009


As Daniel Estulin reported, topics at the Bilderberg meeting in 2009 included whether to allow the economy to slowly deteriorate over the next five to ten years (which is obviously the route they've taken) or crash it right away in an immediate depression.


At the time the elites thought their plans weren't ready yet, so they'd let the economy slowly deteriorate. This is proving to be a mistake. Now granted, if they had crashed the economy into a depression perhaps riots would have broken out and their plans for a global government and a global currency would have failed.


But let's look at the alternative: the stagnating economy has got people angry and pointing the fingers at the Fed. The Tea Party movement has taken off, and like I mentioned above, Ron Paul's presidential bid was even more popular in 2012 than it was in 2008.


Meanwhile as the Fed prints money to starve off depression, countries from around the world are attempting to take matters into their own hands. China and Russia are making deals to de-dollarize their trade, as is France who have become irritated at the IRS's international regulatory power.


The BRICS are a set of countries that are moving away from dollar hegemony and there's little David Rockefeller can do about it. That's why there's been war propaganda aimed at Russia. It's not about flight MH17 or Russia's human rights violations. It's because Putin stands in the way of implementing the final stages for global domination.


Meanwhile, since 2009 the global awakening has only gained steam.


All this could have been avoided if the Bilderbergers crashed the economy in 2009. Seeing that American riots are probably inevitable, the elites should have been more concerned with China and Russia than American citizens. Having the IMF issue a world currency that China would accept was plausible back in 2009.


Not anymore.


3. Not Issuing A World Currency Sooner


Tying in the last one, this mistake was predicted. In the May/June 2007 edition for Foreign Affairs, Benn Steil, Director of International Economics at the CFR, wrote a piece entitled “The End of National Currency.”


He gave the usual write-up about ending national currencies and the wonderful effects of crony-capitalist globalization. He called on American nations to support the dollar and integrate it into a continental currency, while strengthening the Euro for Europe and calling on the Chinese to introduce its own regional currency for Asia.


Steil's essay concludes by saying that if governments fail to take the CFR's advice "the market may privatize money on its own."


Hello Bitcoin.


And gold and silver.


Thanks to the first mistake, people now have the knowledge to buy precious metals. Thanks to the second mistake, people have had time to buy gold and silver while crony-capitalists keep the precious metals market suppressed to prop up the dollar.


And now the market has responded to fiat currencies by introducing Bitcoin, the world's most accepted cryptocurrency. Whether or not Bitcoin makes it, is up for debate.


Now it existed before Steil wrote that article, but it wasn't as popular. There are now Bitcoin ATM's around the world as more and more merchants are accepting it and well... yeah, there's no turning back. Along with crowd-funding and other decentralized means of support, the only option is to shut down the internet. But they can't even successfully shut down the Pirate Bay let alone the entire internet. Every country that has tried to censor or shut-down the internet has been faced with an army of hackers.


If the elite try to issue a world currency post-dollar collapse they're going to face opposition from the Eastern World Order, as well as domestically. Thanks to Ron Paul, the stagnating economy and the gradual but irreversible return of market-based money - the Bilderbergers are now in a worse position than they were in 2009.

The USA police state may be getting worse everyday. Canadians may still think voting changes things. Meanwhile war with Russia looks inevitable. The collapse of America's financial system may provoke enough fear for Canadians and Americans alike to accept the North American Union and the Amero. But it's always darkest before dawn.


The elites are scared. Their plan was to slowly reveal themselves and be accepted by the masses. But that doesn't seem to be happening.


Running a World Empire is not easy. And if I had to guess, I'd say these three issues were crucial in ensuring their success. They done messed up. Ron Paul and his ideas are as popular as ever, the crappy economy has woken people up to the powers that be and the BRICS are attempting to establish their own New World Order. And it will likely include gold as a backing. The Rothschild Family may still pull the strings in the grand scheme of things, but for now the lowly Bilderbergers have been exposed and they are losing this information war.



*The question of whether certain attendees of Bilderberg discussed this idea is credited to Daniel Estulin. After publishing this article, some commented on Facebook that Estulin is not a credible source. In 2012 Jim Tucker confirmed that he overheard plans to kill Ron Paul. Dr. Paul admits that he's probably been the target for assassination plots. I don't see any reason to doubt this.


Remember that we are dealing with conspiracies. When to distinguish fact from theory isn't always evident. My research is predominantly thymological. Individuals that threaten powerful people do get killed. JFK, RFK, MLK. Whether or not the idea of killing Ron Paul was taken seriously... In retrospect, if the Elite were going to win this information war, they should have killed Ron Paul before he ran for the Republican leadership. It was a major miscalculation on their part.


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