June 25, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

A vast majority of Bilderberg documents have been leaked online, a collection of photo-copied documents that were obtained from a number of different sources.

June 24, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

The referendum results are in and Britain has voted to leave the European Union. It will take a long time in order for the changes to take place however, and it will effect many things from the economy to immigration policy.

June 23, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

In the midst of the growing housing bubble in Canada, a number of jurisdictions have taken to rapidly increasing their property taxes. But if political representatives are really concerned about helping Canadians try to get a home, then why are they implementing changes that will make it more diffic…

June 22, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

The cannabis industry in the US brings in billions of dollars every year, but because the rules are still in a somewhat gray area, it's prompted a need for the funding to come from smaller players in the market.

June 22, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

The Colorado Department of Public health and Environment conducted a biannual poll that investigated the percentage of high school students that indulged in cannabis in Colorado.

June 20, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

From the state that brought you the dumbfounded ban on 16oz soft drinks, comes the same old tired statist song and dance; in that they've now made the move to go ahead and ban the Airbnb sharing economy.

June 19, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

Montreal is going to move ahead later this year with a plan to ban pit bulls and other “dangerous breeds” of dogs. The new rules are their attempt to try and reduce dangerous dog attacks from occurring.

June 16, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

Hundreds of people have recently been arrested in Venezuela after they took to looting stores to find food for themselves. It's alleged that there are at least 10 incidents of looting every single day happening across the nation as the economy continues to worsen and things continue to get more dang…

June 15, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

The CATSA Plus Checkpoint is soon going to be unveiled at a variety of Canadian airports as an additional security line. The new system will be placed at airports located in both Calgary and Montreal by the end of this year.

June 13, 2016 In: PFT Global, PFT Original

The NDP made the move this week to introduce an opposition day motion that called on the House of Commons to end the charade and decriminalize cannabis. Unsurprisingly, the Liberal government (that campaigned heavily around legalization) doesn't agree that the plant needs to be decriminalized just y…