Dan Dicks Speaks At Bilderberg 2013

Dan Dicks speaks at the Bilderberg 2013 Fringe Fest in Watford England where 140 of some of the worlds most powerful and influential people are meeting behind closed doors. Suppor… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/dan-dicks-speaks-bilderberg-2013/

Super Cool Cops - London Bilderberg 2013

Police in London England at Bilderberg 2013 Support independent media by making a contribution: Donate through Paypal Watch Into The Fire Get Into The Fire on DVD Support ind… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/super-cool-cops-london-bilderberg-2013/

The Collaps of America and the coming NAU

Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall is in attendance at the 2013 Bilderberg conference along with Frank Mckenna Deputy Chairman of the Toronto-Dominion Bank and former Canadian Ambas… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/collaps-america-and-coming-nau/

Charlie Skelton on Journalism and the future of Bilderberg

As a journalist for The London Guardian Charlie Skelton has been documenting and writing about the Bilderberg group for years. In this interview Charlie breaks down the mainstream … https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/charlie-skelton-journalism-and-future-bilderberg/

Bilderberg Fringe Fest 2013

Press For Truth interviews with organizers, protesters and politicians on the second day of the Bilderberg 2013 conference. Support independent media by contributing to the Pres… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/bilderberg-fringe-fest-2013/

Kicking Things Off At Bilderberg 2013

Press For Truth has arrived in London England for coverage of the 2013 Bilderberg conference. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon! Support independent media by contributing t… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/kicking-things-bilderberg-2013/

Bilderberg 2013 with Dan Dicks in London England

It's official! Press For Truth's Dan Dicks will be in London England to cover the annual Bilderberg conference from June 6th to June 9th! Stay tuned to pressfortruth.ca for extensi… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/bilderberg-2013-dan-dicks-london-england/

Toronto's March Against Monsanto with Press For Truth

On May 25th 2013 the people of Toronto and others all over the world rallied together for the Global March Against Monsanto! Thousands of people in Toronto took to the streets to p… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/torontos-march-against-monsanto-press-truth/

Join The Food Revolution! March Against Monsanto May 25th Everywhere!

Join the food revolution this May the 25th 2013 everywhere! Let's make this a day Monsanto will never forget! A day that will be remembered in history as a time when mankind stood … https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/join-food-revolution-march-against-monsanto-may-25th-everywhere/

The Beginning Of The End For The Mainstream Media!

Support independent media by making a contribution: Donate through Paypal For over 7 years now Press For Truth has been working tirelessly to bring you groundbreaking documenta… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/beginning-end-mainstream-media/

Press For Truth Fundraiser

Support independent media by contributing to the Press For Truth Fundraiser or Donate through Paypal For over 7 years now Press For Truth has been working tirelessly to brin… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/press-truth-moneybomb/

Operation Smooth - The Canadian Connection to Global "Terrorism"

Exactly one week after the Boston Bombings Canadian authorities have announced a "foiled terror plot" that was conducted and referred to as "operation smooth". The RCMP and CSIS wo… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/operation-smooth-canadian-connection-global-terrorism/

Breaking Info on Boston Bombings! Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man

Maret Tsarnaeva the aunt of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the suspected Boston marathon bombers has revealed to me that she can positively identify the oldest nephew Tamerlan Tsar… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/breaking-info-boston-bombings-tamerlan-tsarnaev-and-naked-man/

The Boston Marathon Bombings - Cui Bono?

Who benefits from horrendous acts of violence? Who benefits from the loss of civilian life? When examining the history of terrorist events it quickly becomes clear that it is alway… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/boston-marathon-bombings-cui-bono/

Civil War And The Litmus Test - "Will you shoot Americans?"

Dr Garrow was recently contacted by a high ranking military official who implored him to reveal the truth about a "litmus test" that is being proposed by the Obama administration to the military asking the question "will you shoot Americans if they won't …
Dr. Jim Garrow is a renowned author and whistleblower who has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for his humanitarian work. He is the author of The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Que… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/civil-war-and-litmus-test-will-you-shoot-americans/

Children of the State

The destruction of the family unit is an essential step to take towards achieving totalitarian rule. Radical feminism and global collectivism are slowly but surely eradicating individuals and families alike paving the way for a one world government contro…

Cyprus And The Canadian Connection

The great Cypriot bank heist could soon be coming to the west as Canadian financial institutions along with the Canadian government have outlined their plans for a Cyprus styled ba… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/cyprus-and-canadian-connection/

Syrian Chemical Weapons And The Propaganda Spin Campaign

News of a chemical attack in Syria has led to a propaganda spin campaign aimed at convincing the western world that there is a need for military intervention all under the guise of… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/syrian-chemical-weapons-and-propaganda-spin-campaign/

Jodie Emery - Cannabis Culture And The End Of Prohibition

Jodie Emery breaks down the latest info in regards to her husband Marc Emery's arrest and also how her focus in activism has been on ending the failed policy of prohibition, which … https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/jodie-emery-cannabis-culture-and-end-prohibition/

Agora Interview with Dan Dicks from Press for Truth

The New Agora interviews Dan Dicks in Vancouver during his cross country tour. Dan talks about the origins of Press for Truth, his thoughts on the most important contemporary topic… https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/agora-interview-dan-dicks-press-truth/