Trudeau’s Federal sElection - Another Four Years??!

October 7, 2019

The Canadian federal election is right around the corner and more and more Canadians have been voicing their displeasure with Ju…

The Countdown To A Gold Bull Market Is On The Horizon! What You NEED To Know!

October 6, 2019

Billionaire investor Pierre Lassond just plotted a chart of gold prices, 20 and 30 years into the future, and has deduced that p…

Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State - The Gloves ARE OFF!!!

September 19, 2019

In a bold and calculated move Patrick Byrne, former CEO of is going to war with the deep state! His mission is to …

A Free Market Solution To Online Censorship Has Arrived And It’s called FLOTE!

September 18, 2019

Shadow banning is in effect for channels like Press For Truth where only 1% of subscribers are seeing the content with subscribe…

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The FBI have identified “fringe conspiracy theories” as a domestic terrorist threat which they plan to deal with accordingly. In a newly declassified document the FBI claims that “co…

This is not only getting out of hand but it may be beyond the point of no return! There has been an incremental move towards pedophile acceptance and the sexualization children so much so …

The Facebook page “Storm Area 51” began as a joke but it has quickly grown into a movement of truth seekers and activists who want answers and they’re willing to do whatever it takes…

Dan Dicks has been suspended from Twitter for saying a man is NOT a woman and for referring to “Jessica” Yaniv as a “him”. In 2019 the Canadian government has thrown out all logic,…

A trans “woman” Jonathan Yaniv (aka “Jessica”) wants to use Canadian law to force real women to wax his male genitalia even if they don’t want to and he may actually win his case…

Jonathan Yaniv (who goes by “Jessica”) wants to FORCE other women to legally have to touch his genitals. While covering the tribunal hearings Dan Dicks of Press For Truth politely requ…

Did Jeffrey Epstein attempt to commit “suicide” or is there more to this constantly evolving story? The 66 year old convicted pedophile is being held in the Metropolitan Correctional C…

Canadian transgender activist Jessica Yaniv might as well be saying “touch my balls or you’re a bigot!” In 2018, Yaniv filed 16 human rights complaints with the British Columbia Huma…

Unbiased live news reporting allows the viewer to see events in real time for what they really are and this has the propaganda masters shaking in their boots…The days of deceptive editin…

Alternative media is under siege! We have never seen this type of overt Orwellian censorship on social media in the history of its existence. Carmen joins the top names in AltMedia to disc…

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