Chase Bank CLOSES ACCOUNTS of Conservative Activists Without Explanation!

April 19, 2019

It’s official…we have entered a technocratic tyrannical dictatorship where at the flip of a switch enemies of the state can …

Church Burnings Are Escalating And It’s NO MISTAKE…It’s Satanic!

April 18, 2019

There is no denying that churches are being burned at record numbers in Europe in particular and it’s largely due to a rise in…

CYPRESS HILL To Headline 420 Vancouver 2019 But The City Wants To SHUT IT DOWN!!!

April 17, 2019

The annual 420 global celebration is set to kick of this Saturday and Vancouver plans to outdo every other city involved when it…

Boys Aren’t Girls…PERIOD! Transgender Rights CLASH Prompts School Walkout!

April 16, 2019

Tensions are brewing over transgender rights in the United States as the reality is now setting in that when it comes to young b…

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Youtube’s most popular individual content creator by far, way above the rest is Pewdiepie with a current 93 million subscribers on youtube. He’s not only crushing his competitors on th…

Censorship is becoming one of the main issues moving forward for any freedom loving individual who likes to challenge the status quo…In the wake of the banning of Alex Jones we quickly s…

Breaking News in regards to the Alexandre Bissonnette mosque shooting case…It’s been well over two years since 6 men were killed and nineteen others were injured in Canada’s deadlies…

Canda’s feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has paved the way for LGBT rights with a focus in particular on trans peoples rights by ignoring reality and pandering to the delusions of …

Canadian Doctors For Protection From Guns held nationwide events in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and St. John's to call on the federal government to pass its gun control legislation,…

It’s been said that climate change is man made but did they literally mean it’s caused by “men”? According to the research of Dr. Aaron Brough of Utah State University that is inde…

The idea that woman are being exploited and cheated out of $.20 every hour when compared to men is not just untrue…its dangerous rhetoric, there is no such thing as a gender wage gap, pe…

On February 25 2019 a mother took her two year old son to a naturopathic medicine clinic in Arizona because he had a fever of over 100. Upon learning he was unvaccinated the doctor instruc…

How exactly does a carbon tax influence the temperature of the planet? According to the minister of environment and climate change Cathrerine McKenna “As of today, it’s no longer free …

A Vancouver human-rights tribunal has ruled there’s no room for public debate about whether transgender people are who they say they are. The court ruled for transgender activist "Morgan…

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