Military To Spend $170,000 on Marijuana Simulation Kits

February 9, 2018

So it looks like the Canadian military is interested in getting high...Well, fake high I guess you could say as marijuana simula…

The Truth About The Toronto Police, The Quebec Court House Shooting & "Peoplekind"

February 8, 2018

Being a police officer used to be a respected profession where children looked up to them as their hero's...oh how times have ch…

Let's Go Confront The Prime Minister! Behind The Scenes With PFT

February 3, 2018

The Prime Minister of Canada is on a nation wide town hall tour taking questions from the audience not the mention the brunt of …

The USD Is In Trouble! It's Time To Hedge Your Assets With Tangibles Before It's Too Late!

January 30, 2018

The USD is absolutely crashing! It has clearly entered a bear market as it is suffering from it's worse January in more than a d…

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YouTube may have just put the final nail in their coffin as a new policy just removed monetization from millions of channels. If you have under 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 hours …

Everyone wants to know, what's in the classified FISA memo??! A four page intel memo compiled by house intelligence is said to contain evidence of an extensive abuse of power and highly il…

Under the guise of a humanitarian mission US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced yesterday that troops currently residing in Syria will stay there until 1. Isis is defeated 2. Assad…

In 2017 YouTube tried to silence, shadow ban and memory hole just about every content creator who was going against the status quo and challenging the system in anyway. The "YouTube Adpoco…

The Canadian government has just been caught producing fake news and propaganda of the worst kind! A story that went viral involving a young Muslim girl who was allegedly attacked while wa…

They're either extremely incompetent or they're diabolically calculated for destruction but either way this isn't looking good for the government. On the morning of Saturday January 13th a…

The war on fake news has been kicked into overdrive and the powers that ought not to be are now coming directly for those of us in the field of alternative independent media. As France and…

Twitter has been exposed as the unbelievably biased organization that it is AND the fact that their power rivals that which could have only been dreamed of by George Orwell himself! In a…

In your face Justin Trudeau! While speaking at a town hall meeting in Hamilton at McMaster University Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was just confronted by our good friend Leigh S…

Who doesn't love a good humanitarian mission right? One would think that if a bad guy needs to be taken out, he should be taken out...right? But in this age of fake news and rampant propag…

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