G7 Summit Wrap Up With All Eyebrows On Trudeau

June 18, 2018

The G7 summit has come to a close with all eyes on Justin Trudeau as he scrambles to save face in the midst of launching a poten…

Confronting Bilderberg Members At The Airport - Shine Light On The Darkness And Watch Them Scatter!

June 13, 2018

The annual Bilderberg conference has come to a close but not before Press For Truth along with We Are Change and some of their i…

Bilderberg 2018 Final Day Report Harassed Mid Interview For Typical And Fitting Ending

June 10, 2018

Filming in Italy is not the easiest thing to do especially on Bilderberg weekend when tensions are high and power trips are thro…

Tech Guru Danica Kragic Confronted At Bilderberg And Schooled On Propaganda

June 9, 2018

The 66th annual Bilderberg meeting is underway in Turin Italy and this year there is no shortage of innovators in the filed of t…

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In this talk given by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth at the annual Anarchapuloco conference that was held in February of 2018 in Acapulco Mexico, Dan outlined not only his beliefs about the …

The crash of the dollar is not a matter of if…but when! The modus operandi for the inner cabal of the global elite is and always has been to provide order out of chaos…sometimes the ch…

It’s not looking good for the Canadian economy! One third of Canadian business directors expect the Canadian economy to get much worse in 2018. Political squabbles, rising interest rates…

Bilderberg 2018 will be held in Turin Italy from June 7th to the 10th. Every year since 1954 the group has met with the strict instructions to their attendees that they must not openly tal…

Music censorship just got radicalized by the left as Spotify announces new hate content and hateful conduct public policy! The music industry just took a major turn for the worst as Spotif…

Cannabis is the gateway to liberty and the Canadian government knows it so they are currently doing everything they possibly can to ensure that when “legalization” comes it will not be…

“Diversity is our strength” will go down as one of the greatest blunders from a Canadian Prime Minister in the history of this country. At Roxem road near the border in Quebec the numb…

What is true anarchism? The City of Hamilton was recently demanding that a local left-wing anarchist group remove the anarchy symbol from their headquarters citing it as a hate symbol comp…

I’ve said it before and it needs to be said again…guns are not the enemy! On Friday May 18th at approximately 7:45am a shooting was carried out at the Santa Fe high school in Texas whe…

The one thing the government fears the most is an independent self sustaining populous no longer needing any assistance from the nanny state. In the face of corrupt governments all over th…

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