Saying Goodbye To The Worst President In US History

January 17, 2017

As the end of Obama's presidency draws near Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why he leaves with a legacy of being the worst…

Aga Kahn And Justin Trudeau's Private Island Vacation

January 14, 2017

It’s been revealed that during his first year in office Justin took 10 vacations with his family. The most recent vacation is …

US Troops Enter Poland As A "Deterrent" Against Russia

January 13, 2017

Some 3,500 American soldiers rolled into Poland yesterday as an apparent deterrent against Russia. In this video Dan Dicks of Pr…

The Truth About Russia

January 10, 2017

Russia has become enemy number one for the US Empire. It has nothing to do with freedom, or democracy or civil liberties...In th…

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Reality-TV star Kevin O’Leary has launched an “exploratory committee” to help gauge support for a run at the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party.

With less than one month away from the inauguration of president elect Donald Trump, the nuclear arms race between Russia and the US has been revived. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For …

Press For Truth Presents: The Trudeau Foundation Exposed

December 19th 2016 marks one of the most violent days of the year and in this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth analyses each event to separate the facts from the fiction.

In a year-end press conference Obama told the media that Russia hacked the US election. Hillary Clinton’s loss, according to Obama and his sources, is Vladimir Putin’s fault. In this v…

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the top ten news stories for PFT in 2016.

While in Denver Colorado Dan Dicks of Press For Truth documents the apocalyptic scenario depicted in the artwork at the Denver International Airport.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Payu Vane, a native water protector who has been at the camp for the past 4 months! Payu started a crypto currency called Mazacoin wh…

Here in North Dakota, there has been a major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. They are celebrating the temporary stopping of the pipeline construction as new routes are being con…

PFT will be on the grounds during the eviction notice deadline and also the arrival of the Veterans For Standing Rock who plan to show up by the thousands in solidarity.

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